What’s the difference between Developer Mode and the Dev Channel on a Chromebook?

New Chromebook owners eventually hear about both Developer Mode and the Dev Channel of Chrome OS, wondering if they’re the same thing. They’re not. Here’s an explanation and how to change Chrome OS channels on your Chromebook.

Chrome OS 89 adds media annotations, photo filters and a working Trash can for Chromebooks

The native Media app in Chrome OS 89 is getting a few new features for Chromebooks. Ink annotations and photo filters are available. So to is the Trash can in the Files app, which restores deleted files on command.

Chrome OS 87 eliminates media controls from the notification stack on Chromebooks

At long last, the media info and controls on a Chromebook aren’t above the notification stack. The latest Dev Channel of Chrome OS 87 moves them to your choice of two much better places from a user interface perspective.

Chrome OS 87 Dev Channel brings working LaCrOS and Nearby Share to Chromebooks

Ready to try LaCrOS and Nearby Share on your Chromebook? You can do that with the Dev Channel of Chrome OS 87 now. Here’s how and what they look like to use.

Chrome OS 86 to make port forwarding for Linux on Chromebooks generally available

Developing apps in Linux on a Chromebook? You might have run into issues accessing them from Chrome OS. Port forwarding has been in experimental mode for several months but Chrome OS 86 makes this feature generally available.

Chrome OS 86 bringing tab search to Chromebooks and it’s awesome

Are you one of those Chromebook users like me, sometimes with dozen or two open tabs? It gets tricky to navigate to the right tab but that appears to be changing with Chrome OS 86 and the new tab search feature.

Chrome OS 81 Dev Channel adds Buster upgrade, Linux disk resizing and username choice to Chromebooks

Chrome OS 81 is shaping up to be a pretty hefty release when it arrives in late March. However, the latest Dev Channel upgrade adds a trio of Linux features now: Debian Buster, disk resizing and custom username.

Chrome OS 80: How to sideload Android apps to a Chromebook

Android app sideloading is expected in Chrome OS 80 and the latest Dev Channel of the platform has the feature. Here’s how to install an Android app from outside of Google Play if you’re comfortable with the risk.

Chrome OS 79 Dev Channel supports Gboard, other Android keyboards on Chromebooks

Want Gboard, SwiftKey or another Android virtual keyboard on your Chromebook? The Dev Channel of Chrome OS 79 will let you do that, but bear in mind, it’s a bit of a work in progress at the moment.

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