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Acer Chromebase 24v2 and 24vi debut for Hangouts, kiosks or business workstations

A pair of new Acer Chromebase devices with up to an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 are arriving this summer. These are ideal for group video, kiosks or business workstations in the enterprise although I know more than a few consumers that want a Chrome OS desktop.

Don’t expect to record audio or have Skype video chats using Linux for Chromebooks any time soon

Sound support is still in the works for Linux apps on Chromebooks, but the first function will simply be that: Sound playback. Audio recording is slated to follow and camera access — needed for Skype video — isn’t even on the roadmap yet.

Chromium team may bring VP8 hardware acceleration for Hangouts on Kaby Lake Chromebooks

Have you ever been in a Google Hangout video call on a Chromebook and watch the battery life quickly drop while the device gets really hot? That may change with hardware accelerated VP8 video encoding on Chromebooks with Intel Kaby Lake processors.

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