Amazon deal offers nearly $450 off on Google Pixel Slate and keyboard bundle

If your only major knock against the Google Pixel Slate was the high price, you just ran out of excuses to buy one. You can get $250 off all three Pixel Slate models and get an included Pixel Slate Keyboard worth $199.

Google discounts the Pixel Slate by $250 and includes your choice of keyboard

Until September 5, you can save $250 on any Pixel Slate and get a free keyboard, worth up to $199. Sure, there won’t be a Slate successor, but it will still get new features and software updates through June 2024, making this a great deal.

I bought a new Chromebook with 16 GB of RAM. Should you?

Even with the great discount I got on an Acer Chromebook Spin 13 with 16 GB of memory, I don’t recommend most people get “this much Chromebook.” Here’s why, who should, and who shouldn’t.

Google deal cuts $250 off the price of any Pixel Slate with a keyboard buy

Google is following up last month’s Pixel Slate deal with a new one: Buy a keyboard for the Chrome OS tablet and you’ll get $250 off a Pixel Slate through August 18.

About the recent Atlas / Pixelbook 2 CPU benchmarks: Why I don’t buy them (Hint: Android Studio)

Recent Geekbench listings suggest the next Pixelbook, likely Atlas, will use the same chipsets as the Pixel Slate. That doesn’t make sense for a few reasons.

FCC filing from Quanta suggests Atlas Chromebook, aka Pixelbook 2, getting improved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth chip

An FCC filing from Quanta shows a device with fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the FCC ID number looking similar to the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, this could be the first real hardware info on the Pixelbook’s successor, the Atlas Chromebook.

Pixel Slate is $100 off and includes a free Google or Brydge keyboard

If the Pixel Slate meets your needs, this week is a great time to buy one. Google is selling all models of the Chrome OS tablet for $100 off and including your choice of either Google or Brydge keyboard.

Chrome OS 75 Stable Channel version rollout resumes on a limited basis (Update: platform-wide)

After a late rollout that was later paused, Chrome OS 75 appears ready. Well, at least for the Pixel Slate, which is currently the only device listed as getting the update. That’s actually a smart decision on Google’s part. Here’s why.

No new Google-branded tablets; Pixel Slate is now a collector’s item

From a rough launch to the end of the base model, the Pixel Slate has not been kind to Google. The company says it will no longer make Chrome OS tablets but instead will focus on traditional Chromebook form factors.

So long, Pixel Slate Celeron, we barely knew you

In a move that probably should have happened before the product launch, Google has removed the Celeron-powered Pixel Slate from its store. A $200 discount on the higher-end models combined with Chrome OS updates make the remaining options more attractive.

Chrome OS 76 brings volume button orientation to tablets, 2-in-1 Chromebooks

Have you hit the volume up button on a Chrome OS tablet or 2-in-1 Chromebook tablet mode only to have the volume levels decrease? Chrome OS 76 fixes that issue by adjusting the volume button functions based on the display orientation.

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