Chrome OS 80 likely to fix notification actions on external monitors

Using an external monitor with your Chromebook? If so, you may have noticed that notifications may only be actionable on your device’s internal display. That’s getting fixed but not likely in time for Chrome OS 79.

Pixel Slate deal at $529.99 makes it cheaper than Pixelbook Go

The Pixelbook Go is an outstanding device, but the Pixel Slate is no slouch either, having nearly the same hardware internals. At $529.99, you can snag the Core m3 Slate and add a discounted keyboard for less than the Go.

Who is the Google Pixelbook Go for, and not for?

Two weeks of using the Pixelbook Go shed more light on just who this Chromebook is, and isn’t for. Keep in mind: It’s not a budget Chromebook. Pixelbook Go is a budget Pixelbook.

Asus Chromebook Flip C433 now at Best Buy with $80 discount: $419 for this Pixelbook Go competitor

As a Pixelbook Go competitor, the Asus Chromebook Flip C433 is making a strong case for itself with solid specs and an $80 discount at Best Buy on day one. You can snag this 2-in-1 for $419 starting today.

Why Pixelbook Go isn’t the Pixelbook 2, according to Google

The Pixelbook Go portents a change in Google’s Chromebook strategy as evidenced by the internals and starting price. Prior to getting my review unit today, I spoke with Google’s Ben Janofsky to discuss this change and learn more about the 18-month road to Pixelbook Go.

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