These three Linux features for Chromebooks are getting pushed back to Chrome OS 84 or later

Heavy users of Linux on Chromebooks have been waiting for some key features to arrive in Chrome OS. As a result of prioritization, these three aren’t coming until Chrome OS 84 at the earliest.

After 7 years, a bug fix will let Chromebooks use a USB-connected iPhone for mobile broadband

A bug filed on this day in 2013 is finally close to being resolved: Linux kernel updates and other code changes will make it easy to use a USB-connected iPhone in place of a Wi-Fi connection on Chromebooks.

Chrome OS 75 Stable version arrives: Here’s what you need to know

Chrome OS 75 was released to the Stable Channel today and includes a number of new features, such as USB support for Android debugging in Linux, reader mode for web pages, and the recently discovered Files app support for cloud storage via installed Android apps.

Chrome OS 75 for enterprise brings Linux container VPN, PIN code for printing and more

Chrome OS 75 is available for enterprise Chromebook customers, bringing improved network security, Android device access over USB in Linux and more printer controls.

Chrome OS 74 Stable version arrives: Here’s what you need to know

Chrome OS 74 has launched on the Stable Channel with a list of 8 key changes. As is often the case, there’s more in here than the “official” list, such as Crostini backup and restore for Linux containers on Chromebooks.

Got Chrome OS 72? Here’s how to download Android movies and music to an SD card

Excited to download content from Android apps such as Google Play Movies, Spotify and other apps to an external storage card on your Chromebook? If you have Chrome OS 72, it works, but there’s a trick involved. Here’s how to do it.

Stable version Chrome OS 72 arrives: Here’s what you need to know

While the official Google changelog list of features in Chrome OS 72 Stable Channel has some welcome additions, there’s plenty more goodness included behind these scenes.

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