Need more Virtual Desks on your Chromebook? You might have 8 or 16 in the future.

I figure most Chromebook users are happy with up to four virtual desks to boost productivity. Google figures I might be wrong. Code is in the works to add eight, or potentially sixteen virtual workspaces to Chromebooks.

Dark and light themes in Chrome OS 88 are looking good on Chromebooks

Over the last few weeks, code for an upcoming new light and dark theme on Chrome OS has made great progress. Take a look and you’ll see it’s now an easy switch when the feature arrives, likely in Chrome OS 88 for Chromebooks.

Chrome OS 87 eliminates media controls from the notification stack on Chromebooks

At long last, the media info and controls on a Chromebook aren’t above the notification stack. The latest Dev Channel of Chrome OS 87 moves them to your choice of two much better places from a user interface perspective.

Chrome OS 87 may move media playback controls to Quick Settings on Chromebooks

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand the Chrome OS media playback controls showing at the top of my notification stack. Chrome OS 87 could change that, bringing media controls to the Quick Settings of Chromebooks.

Chrome OS 86 bringing tab search to Chromebooks and it’s awesome

Are you one of those Chromebook users like me, sometimes with dozen or two open tabs? It gets tricky to navigate to the right tab but that appears to be changing with Chrome OS 86 and the new tab search feature.

Chrome OS 86 to add Global Media Controls icon in system shelf on Chromebooks: Kaleidoscope?

A new “Global Media Controls” icon looks to be arriving in the system shelf with Chrome OS 86. Might this have to do with Kaleidoscope, the reported video streaming aggregation interface for Chromebooks?

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