Chrome OS may sync Wi-Fi configurations between your Chromebook and Android phone

Setting up and signing in to your Wi-Fi network on a new Chromebook or Android phone may become a thing of the past. Chrome OS code commits show work on a feature that would sync your wireless network configuration between the two devices.

How to work offline effectively with a Chromebook

Between offline file synchronization, Android and Linux apps, and smart prepping, you can do more than ever with a Chromebook when you’re not online. Here are 4 strategies from ComputerWorld and 2 of my own to make it happen.

Google expands Instant Tethering connection to 15 Chromebooks and 30 Android phone models

Until today, you officially needed a Google-branded Android phone and Chromebook to use the Instant Tethering feature for connectivity when you can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot. Now, the feature is expanding to partner devices with more in the coming months.

How to use a non-Pixel Android phone for Instant Tethering on a Chromebook

Originally only for Chromebook users with a Google Pixel phone, the Instant Tethering feature of Chrome OS now supports non-Pixel Android handsets in the Dev Channel. Here’s how to use it and which phones, so far, work with it.

This LTE module could mean always on connectivity for the Pixelbook 2

The FCC is assigning new IDs to both a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module and an LTE chipset to none other than Google. There are many device possibilities here, but pairing this news with previous evidence of the Pixelbook 2 suggests a Google-branded LTE-capable Chromebook.

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