Chromebooks getting a network diagnostics app; you can get an early look at it now

It appears a new Connectivity Diagnostics app is coming to Chrome OS, making it easier to troubleshoot network issues. From the early look, this app is a refresh of an existing network tool you already have. Here’s how to use it.

Here’s what Phone Hub for Chromebooks looks like in Chrome OS 87

The upcoming Phone Hub feature for Chromebooks is moving forward and you can see what it will offer, so far, in this early look video. My hope is that additional Android phone features are integrated but it’s too soon to say.

Chrome OS 78 bringing Password Leak Detection, similar to “Have I been pwned?”

Google introduced a Password Checkup extension in February, and flagged 315,000 passwords as unsafe due to data breaches that first month. Chrome OS 78 will natively include a similar feature for improved online protections.

Chrome OS 77 to add Bluetooth device battery level indicator to Chromebooks

The beginnings of a new feature to display the battery life of connected Bluetooth devices has arrived in Chrome OS 77. It’s still a work in progress but will be a welcome addition to the Chromebook platform.

Chrome OS getting a Quick Fix channel, likely for managed Chromebooks

First there were four Chrome OS channels and soon there will be a fifth called Quick Fix. It’s likely going to allow faster bug fixes for managed Chromebooks in the enterprise or schools.

Chrome OS 76 improves desktop notifications by moving the “Clear all” button to the top

Tired of scrolling down, down, down through a stack of notifications on your Chromebook to clear them? Good news: Chrome OS 76 currently moves the “Clear all” option to the top of the stack.

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