Chrome OS 75 bringing a web page “reader mode”, here’s what it looks like

At long last, a distraction-free “reader mode” for web pages is coming to Chrome OS. If you can’t wait until version 75 to get it, here’s a great alternative you can use now on a Chromebook.

Chrome OS 75 adds USB device support for Linux, including Android phone debugging

The newest version of Chrome OS 75 finally brings USB device support to Project Crostini. Using Linux on my Chromebook, I can even use ADB commands to a connected Android phone.

Chrome OS to bring Android VPN support for Linux apps on Chromebooks

Using an Android VPN app on your Chromebook? That’s great as long as you stay in Chrome OS: You won’t get VPN security when using Linux apps. A recent code commit suggests that Chrome OS will extend Android VPN support to Linux, however.

Chrome OS 75 will let you uninstall Linux apps from the launcher on your Chromebook

Currently you can remove just about any app from a Chromebook directly from the app launcher. But not Linux apps. That’s changing with Chrome OS 75, which will get the feature for simple Linux app uninstalls.

Sideloading Android apps on Chromebooks (very) tentatively planned for Chrome OS 74 or 75

It’s not an official commitment to a particular release, but Google is considering a way to sideload Android apps from outside of the Google Play Store on a Chromebook in the next few months. It’s going to depend on security and other priorities, however.

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