How to enable Virtual Desk trackpad swipe gestures in Chrome OS 78

Chrome OS 78 brought Virtual Desktops to Chromebooks but left out a key gesture for quickly switching between workspaces using a trackpad swipe. Here’s how to add it, along with an upcoming change to make it better.

Click to call feature in Chrome OS 78: Tapping phone number links on Chromebook completes call on connected Android phone

Earlier this year there were references to a “Click to call” feature for Chromebooks and it appears that Click to call will arrive in Chrome OS 78. Once it arrives, clicking a hyperlinked phone number will place the call on a supported Android phone.

Google launches Password Checkup; here’s how to use it on your Chromebook

Google’s Password Checker, which will alert you if it sees your account credentials in database of 4 billion known breached accounts, lands on the web. Here’s how to use it on your Chromebook until Google integrates it into Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 78 expected to elevate Terminal to a system app with tabs

Linux users on Chromebooks will be happy to see an updated Terminal app, currently expected to land in Chrome OS 78. This system app will support multiple Terminal session tabs in a single app and bring additional customization options.

Chrome OS 78 bringing Password Leak Detection, similar to “Have I been pwned?”

Google introduced a Password Checkup extension in February, and flagged 315,000 passwords as unsafe due to data breaches that first month. Chrome OS 78 will natively include a similar feature for improved online protections.

Chrome OS 78 will bring the keyboard shortcuts to Virtual Desks on Chromebooks

While the new Virtual Desks feature of Chrome OS landed with version 76, the keyboard shortcuts to use them on a Chromebook didn’t. And they won’t be here for Chrome OS 77 either.

Proposed Chrome OS 78 change will use the Files app to restore Linux containers on Chromebooks

Chrome OS 74 added Linux container backup & restore functionality to Chromebooks but it’s tucked away in the Settings. It may be moving to the native Files app, which is a more intuitive location for the restore.

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