Chrome OS 80 Stable Channel release pulled 8 hours after being deployed (Update: It’s available)

Just 8 hours after the already delayed Chrome OS 80 software arrived on Chromebooks, Google pulled back to version 79. If you want to revert back, you can with a manual process. Should you?

Microphone audio capture arrives in Linux on Chromebooks. Here’s how to use it

Surprise! Chrome OS 79 introduced support for microphone audio capture in Linux apps on Chromebooks! It’s in the Stable Channel right now; here’s how to enable it.

Chrome OS 79 Stable Channel update arrives: Here’s what you need to know

Google is touting a pair of new features found in Chrome OS 79 which arrives today as a Stable Channel update. There’s more behind the scenes though, so here’s what you need to know when upgrading your Chromebook software.

Chrome OS 80 likely to fix notification actions on external monitors

Using an external monitor with your Chromebook? If so, you may have noticed that notifications may only be actionable on your device’s internal display. That’s getting fixed but not likely in time for Chrome OS 79.

How to enable Virtual Desk trackpad swipe gestures in Chrome OS 78

Chrome OS 78 brought Virtual Desktops to Chromebooks but left out a key gesture for quickly switching between workspaces using a trackpad swipe. Here’s how to add it, along with an upcoming change to make it better.

Chrome OS 79 Dev Channel supports Gboard, other Android keyboards on Chromebooks

Want Gboard, SwiftKey or another Android virtual keyboard on your Chromebook? The Dev Channel of Chrome OS 79 will let you do that, but bear in mind, it’s a bit of a work in progress at the moment.

Chrome OS 79 to add custom font settings and more to Reader Mode on Chromebooks

Chrome OS 79 is expected to add custom settings to the Reader Mode on Chromebooks, including choice of font, font size and more. Here’s a great example of what it should like, based on a currently available Chrome extension.

Chrome OS 79 to throttle CPU usage on background Linux apps, improving web, Android performance as needed

The Chromium team is working on a new feature for Chrome OS 79 that will scale down CPU resources for Linux apps running in the background. That should improve browser and Android app performance on Chromebooks when needed.

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