After pulling it, Google pushes the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel to Chromebooks again

Chrome OS 86 updates started to arrive on Chromebooks, then stopped and now they’re back. It’s been a wild two weeks for the Stable Channel, but it looks like we’re back on track.

It appears Google has pulled the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel update from most Chromebooks

In mid-October, Google began updating Chromebooks to the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel. Now most devices show that Chrome OS 85 is the most recent, indicating a temporary pull-back of the latest software.

Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel arrives on Chromebooks: What you need to know

The Stable Channel of Chrome OS 86 is available for most Chromebooks, bringing improved accessibility features, UI changes and new features. Here’s what you need to know.

Chrome OS 87 may move media playback controls to Quick Settings on Chromebooks

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand the Chrome OS media playback controls showing at the top of my notification stack. Chrome OS 87 could change that, bringing media controls to the Quick Settings of Chromebooks.

Chrome OS 86 to make port forwarding for Linux on Chromebooks generally available

Developing apps in Linux on a Chromebook? You might have run into issues accessing them from Chrome OS. Port forwarding has been in experimental mode for several months but Chrome OS 86 makes this feature generally available.

Chrome OS 86 bringing tab search to Chromebooks and it’s awesome

Are you one of those Chromebook users like me, sometimes with dozen or two open tabs? It gets tricky to navigate to the right tab but that appears to be changing with Chrome OS 86 and the new tab search feature.

Chrome OS 86 to add Global Media Controls icon in system shelf on Chromebooks: Kaleidoscope?

A new “Global Media Controls” icon looks to be arriving in the system shelf with Chrome OS 86. Might this have to do with Kaleidoscope, the reported video streaming aggregation interface for Chromebooks?

Chrome OS may sync Wi-Fi configurations between your Chromebook and Android phone

Setting up and signing in to your Wi-Fi network on a new Chromebook or Android phone may become a thing of the past. Chrome OS code commits show work on a feature that would sync your wireless network configuration between the two devices.

Here’s what Nearby Share, an Apple iOS AirDrop-like wireless file sharing feature, will look like on Chromebooks

Are you an Android user that’s jealous of the AirDrop wireless file sharing feature in iOS and macOS? Don’t be! Nearby Share is practically identical and coming to Chromebooks for Android device users.

Chrome OS 86 plans to bring HDR video playback support on Chromebooks

Not even a handful of Chromebooks today can output proper HDR video content with the color pop that jumps off the screen. There are some Chromebooks in the works that will have HDR-capable panels, however and Chrome OS 86 will enable that feature.

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