Chrome OS 87 Stable Channel arrives on Chromebooks: What you need to know

The Stable Channel for Chrome OS 87 is now rolling out to Chromebooks, bringing new native and experimental features. An improved photo editor, hand-drawn wallpapers and the experimental Read Later are just some of them. Here’s what you need to know.

Chrome OS 87 eliminates media controls from the notification stack on Chromebooks

At long last, the media info and controls on a Chromebook aren’t above the notification stack. The latest Dev Channel of Chrome OS 87 moves them to your choice of two much better places from a user interface perspective.

Chrome OS 87 Dev Channel brings working LaCrOS and Nearby Share to Chromebooks

Ready to try LaCrOS and Nearby Share on your Chromebook? You can do that with the Dev Channel of Chrome OS 87 now. Here’s how and what they look like to use.

Chrome OS 87 may move media playback controls to Quick Settings on Chromebooks

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand the Chrome OS media playback controls showing at the top of my notification stack. Chrome OS 87 could change that, bringing media controls to the Quick Settings of Chromebooks.

Here’s what Phone Hub for Chromebooks looks like in Chrome OS 87

The upcoming Phone Hub feature for Chromebooks is moving forward and you can see what it will offer, so far, in this early look video. My hope is that additional Android phone features are integrated but it’s too soon to say.

Chrome OS may sync Wi-Fi configurations between your Chromebook and Android phone

Setting up and signing in to your Wi-Fi network on a new Chromebook or Android phone may become a thing of the past. Chrome OS code commits show work on a feature that would sync your wireless network configuration between the two devices.

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