Chrome OS 89 adds Android Phone Hub to Chromebooks, no experimental flag needed

Looks like we only have a few weeks left before Google’s Phone Hub appears on Chromebooks. The feature integrates some notifications and browser tabs between Android and a Chromebook. It’s automatically enabled in Chrome OS 89.

Chrome OS 89 adds media annotations, photo filters and a working Trash can for Chromebooks

The native Media app in Chrome OS 89 is getting a few new features for Chromebooks. Ink annotations and photo filters are available. So to is the Trash can in the Files app, which restores deleted files on command.

Chrome OS 89 to restore open windows in Virtual Desks on Chromebooks

Virtual Desks on Chromebooks are about to get a big improvement. With Chrome OS 89, you’ll have the option of restoring your previously open windows in the workspaces they were in. Here’s how it works and what it looks like.

Moar data privacy: Chromebooks may get on-device grammar check

Keeping your data private on a Chromebook is a tough task due to so much reliance on Google and other web services. But a new Chrome OS on-device grammar check could help a little. And maybe it paves the way for more data privacy on Chromebooks.

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