Google Photos may be coming to the Chrome OS Files app on Chromebooks, but there’s a catch

After decoupling Google Photos and Google Drive, Chromebook users have been left in the lurch: How to view Photos in the Chrome OS Files app? Code suggests Google is working on this but you’ll need Photos for Android installed.

Chrome OS 89 adds media annotations, photo filters and a working Trash can for Chromebooks

The native Media app in Chrome OS 89 is getting a few new features for Chromebooks. Ink annotations and photo filters are available. So to is the Trash can in the Files app, which restores deleted files on command.

Nearby Share file feature on Android now, Chromebooks in the “coming months”

Nearby Share wireless file sharing is now available for Android devices and the first few code hints of it are already appearing on Chromebooks. Here are the flags and settings to make it work early once it begins to land on Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 75 mounts third-party Android cloud storage to the native Files app on Chromebooks

Using OneDrive, a NAS, or some other cloud storage with your Chromebook? Chrome OS 75 will make it easier to access that data by mounting it to your Files when you install the Android app for those services.

Linux package installs on Chromebooks to show app name, version and details, possibly in Chrome OS 73

Curious what you’re actually installing when you add a Linux app to your Chromebook? A new dialog box, possibly ready for Chrome OS 73, will provide the app name, version and details before you click that install button.

Stable version Chrome OS 72 arrives: Here’s what you need to know

While the official Google changelog list of features in Chrome OS 72 Stable Channel has some welcome additions, there’s plenty more goodness included behind these scenes.

Chromebook file sharing with Linux feature pushed back to Chrome OS 73

If you got used to the Share with Linux files feature on your Chromebook, you might want to get un-used to it. The latest Dev Channel release of Chrome OS removes it with a new target version of Chrome OS 73. Here’s why.

Project Crostini to get Google Drive, Team Drives, Computer sharing with Linux on Chromebooks

The Linux container on Chromebooks is getting a broad range of shared access to data on your Google Drive and removable media directly through the Chrome OS Files app.

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