Video: Pixel Slate gaming demo in Steam, with GPU and without on Chrome OS 76

The Dev Channel of Chrome OS is now up to version 76, bringing a simple flag to enable GPU hardware acceleration in Linux. Here’s a video of Portal in Steam on the Pixel Slate, with and without GPU acceleration.

Four Chromeboxes next up to get GPU acceleration for Linux, likely in Chrome OS 74

Add another four devices to get GPU acceleration for Linux apps: A code change will bring it to the latest Chromeboxes, enabling light gaming functionality for Project Crostini.

First look video: Project Stream beta of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the Pixelbook

Here’s a first look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in the Google Pixelbook browser. Overall it looks excellent but Google might have some work to do in reducing input lag. Still, this is promising!

Here’s how your Chromebook could play console games in 1080p: Project Stream

Google’s Project Stream is a test of 1080p console gaming over the web using Chrome. Of course, that means you can use a Chromebook too. It may not matter if you don’t have the most powerful device out there since Google is doing the heavy lifting.

Project Crostini progressing towards GPU acceleration for Chromebooks running Linux apps

It appears that GPU hardware acceleration is now in the works for Chromebooks running Linux apps in a container as code indicates support for the Virgil3D project. Heavy duty graphics apps and games for Linux will benefit.

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