As Chromebook gaming time nearly triples, Google highlights titles and services

Couldn’t snag an RTX 3080 before they sold out today? Google says don’t worry, there are new ways to find games for Chromebooks on the Play Store and great “works with Chromebook” controllers available.

Steam game sync on GeForce Now for Chromebooks may make it a better option than Stadia

Nvidia added a new feature to GeForce Now gaming for Chromebooks that may push me away from Stadia. I can play all of my previously purchased game titles from Steam thanks to Game Sync.

Microsoft brings Minecraft Education Edition to Chromebooks for students

After Minecraft disappeared for Chromebooks in the Google Play Store back in June, many wondered what happened. Now we know: Microsoft has made the Minecraft Education Edition compatible with Chromebooks, but you’ll need an Office 365 student account to play it.

Video: Pixel Slate gaming demo in Steam, with GPU and without on Chrome OS 76

The Dev Channel of Chrome OS is now up to version 76, bringing a simple flag to enable GPU hardware acceleration in Linux. Here’s a video of Portal in Steam on the Pixel Slate, with and without GPU acceleration.

Four Chromeboxes next up to get GPU acceleration for Linux, likely in Chrome OS 74

Add another four devices to get GPU acceleration for Linux apps: A code change will bring it to the latest Chromeboxes, enabling light gaming functionality for Project Crostini.

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