Google Photos may be coming to the Chrome OS Files app on Chromebooks, but there’s a catch

After decoupling Google Photos and Google Drive, Chromebook users have been left in the lurch: How to view Photos in the Chrome OS Files app? Code suggests Google is working on this but you’ll need Photos for Android installed.

Need a diagramming web app for your Chromebook? Check out

I’ve been using a Chromebook to code for my Computer Science college classes since last January. It works great. But recently I had to flowchart an algorithm. is a great web-based app for nearly any type of diagramming needs.

Project Crostini to get Google Drive, Team Drives, Computer sharing with Linux on Chromebooks

The Linux container on Chromebooks is getting a broad range of shared access to data on your Google Drive and removable media directly through the Chrome OS Files app.

Need more Drive storage for your Chromebook? Google One makes it cheaper

Google Drive consumer storage will become Google One with some plan changes, and a new plan. Even better: You don’t have to create a shared folder for your family to spread that space out. It will be easier to natively share the cloud storage capacity between five people.

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