Google launches Password Checkup; here’s how to use it on your Chromebook

Google’s Password Checker, which will alert you if it sees your account credentials in database of 4 billion known breached accounts, lands on the web. Here’s how to use it on your Chromebook until Google integrates it into Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 78 bringing Password Leak Detection, similar to “Have I been pwned?”

Google introduced a Password Checkup extension in February, and flagged 315,000 passwords as unsafe due to data breaches that first month. Chrome OS 78 will natively include a similar feature for improved online protections.

Chrome OS may add extra security to view passwords saved in a Google account

Unlike the Chrome browser on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, Chrome OS doesn’t require additional authentication when viewing your saved passwords. That may change due to a bug report, although there’s a debate on if this should just apply to enterprises.

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