Microsoft brings official Visual Studio Code to ARM-powered Chromebooks

Coding on a Chromebook? If you have one with an ARM processor, you’ve got a new, official option to use for programming. Microsoft has added support for ARM-based Chromebooks in Visual Studio Code.

Need a diagramming web app for your Chromebook? Check out

I’ve been using a Chromebook to code for my Computer Science college classes since last January. It works great. But recently I had to flowchart an algorithm. is a great web-based app for nearly any type of diagramming needs.

How to code an Arduino with a Chromebook

Can you code an Arduino using a Chromebook? It’s possible with Linux but not until USB support is expanded. Here are three ways to program an Arduino using Chrome OS today, with options ranging from free to a few dollars a month.

I bought a new Chromebook with 16 GB of RAM. Should you?

Even with the great discount I got on an Acer Chromebook Spin 13 with 16 GB of memory, I don’t recommend most people get “this much Chromebook.” Here’s why, who should, and who shouldn’t.

Coding on a Chromebook: I’m all in with Crostini and the Pixel Slate

One of the most read posts on About Chromebooks is from last April when I detailed how I was coding with my Pixelbook. Now that Project Crostini has quickly matured, I’ve revamped my development environment on the Pixel Slate.

How I code on a Chromebook using Python and a Raspberry Pi

There are several ways to code on a Chromebook, but many of the require extra effort, compromise security or cost too much. I’ve settled on a simple, inexpensive method to meet my requirements until a more native solution comes along.

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