You’ll soon be able to easily run multiple Linux containers on Chromebooks

While you could always spawn multiple containers on a Chromebook, the process wasn’t end-user friendly. Soon it will be, so you can run multiple Linux containers on Chromebooks, using different distros.

10 years of Chromebooks and people still don’t know what they’re capable of

It’s always great to read a “What exactly can you do on a Chromebook?” article. So I did. Unfortunately, it illustrates the widespread misperceptions about what a Chromebook can do in 2021.

Microsoft brings official Visual Studio Code to ARM-powered Chromebooks

Coding on a Chromebook? If you have one with an ARM processor, you’ve got a new, official option to use for programming. Microsoft has added support for ARM-based Chromebooks in Visual Studio Code.

Chrome OS 86 to make port forwarding for Linux on Chromebooks generally available

Developing apps in Linux on a Chromebook? You might have run into issues accessing them from Chrome OS. Port forwarding has been in experimental mode for several months but Chrome OS 86 makes this feature generally available.

With Android, Linux, and now Windows 10 support, have Chromebooks lost their simplicity?

Back in 2009, Chrome OS was shown off as a modern OS with simplicity. Since then Android, Linux, and soon, Windows 10, are part of the experience. Some say the simplicity is gone. Here’s why I disagree.

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