Another great Chromebook perk available: 3 months of free Nvidia GeForce Now gaming

Want to dip your toe into the PC game streaming waters for free? Chromebook owners in the U.S. can get a 3 month trial to Nvidia’s GeForce Now game service, which includes your Steam gaming library.

As Chromebook gaming time nearly triples, Google highlights titles and services

Couldn’t snag an RTX 3080 before they sold out today? Google says don’t worry, there are new ways to find games for Chromebooks on the Play Store and great “works with Chromebook” controllers available.

Steam game sync on GeForce Now for Chromebooks may make it a better option than Stadia

Nvidia added a new feature to GeForce Now gaming for Chromebooks that may push me away from Stadia. I can play all of my previously purchased game titles from Steam thanks to Game Sync.

You can now buy the $1,399 Pixelbook Go with i7 and 4K display. Should you?

You can finally order the fourth configuration of the Pixelbook Go with Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of memory, 256 GB of storage and 16:9 4K display. I can think of only two use cases where this is worth the $1,399.

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