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HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook enterprise sale featured

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook price slashed by $911

Without any official news of the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook consumer model, I continue to watch HP’s product page. It was just a few weeks ago when I saw the base enterprise model with a $2,165 cost. Today, that same device is nearly half off. The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook price is now slashed by $911.

That discount is more than most Chromebooks actually cost, which is crazy. The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook base model with a 12th-gen Intel processor is down to $1,254.

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook price slashed

You get the 1080p, 13.5-inch display with 400 nits of brightness, 8 GB of memory, and a 256 GB M.2 SSD. You also get an HP Digital Pen and the haptic trackpad, a first for Chromebooks.

Keep in mind that this processor uses Intel UHD graphics, not the higher-end Irix Xe GPU. So if you’re thinking about this for Steam on Chromebooks, I’d be wary.

Of course, you can customize the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook with a higher-end processor and GPU, not to mention other internals. And you still get $911 off from the original sale price.

I configured one with an Intel Core i5 and Iris Xe graphics, 16 GB of memory, and the 256 GB SDD. Instead of costing an insane $2,627, it’s a more reasonable $1,716. Still too rich for my blood though, even if this could be the 2022 king of Chromebooks.

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook Front Left

And nothing has changed on the delivery estimates. No matter how I configure one of these Chromebooks, it’s not expected to arrive until October. With the chip shortage and most new CPUs saved for better selling Windows devices, I’m not surprised.

I wish HP could come clean on actual consumer model pricing because no consumer should really be paying extra for the enterprise features. (Update: HP says the consumer base model will cost $1,149)

In the meantime, however, if you don’t mind waiting until October, you can order a much less expensive HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook Enterprise model than you could last month.

Updated at 10:30am on May 5 with consumer pricing information.

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Kevin C. Tofel

6 thoughts on “HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook price slashed by $911

  1. I am surprised that you were so impressed with this discount, don’t you think that the retail price is a total ruse, one which nobody in their right mind would pay? I’ve been buying a lot of HP, including a mid-level Chromebook and an 11th gen i-5 x-360 PC (came with 8GB, I put in $100 to double that) and a 256 HD, thus on par with this Chromebook. It also has iRIS-Xe, backlit keyboard, B&O sound, fingerprint reader… My total investment is $530. Oh yeah, a 14″ higher resolution display.

    Why should the Chromebook come in at 4X the cost?

    1. If the sentiment that I’m impressed with this discount was conveyed, that’s not my intent. As I said in the post, it’s still too expensive for me considering what you get. Your HP x360 deal is a far better value, which goes without saying. 😉 There’s definitely some upward price pressure due to the new 12th-gen chip because there’s limited supply and Windows devices will get them first; it’s a far larger target market. That’s likely contributing to the October delivery dates as well. I’d consider paying around $1,250 for this device but not with the i3 and UHD graphics. I’d want a Core i5, Xe GPU, and 16 GB of memory. I think that should be doable. Just not yet apparently.

      1. Thanks for clarifying… though unless the 12th gen (I’ve yet to check it out) is a notable step up, it still seems really high for an HP Chromey.
        However, if they can control the heat… my PC I described easily heats up from demanding tasks like typing or scrolling Facebook ?.

        Curiously, my ASUS original CX5 (i3 8GB) runs the fan a lot… though not above 40’s C, whereas the PC i-5 jumps up into the 90’s (1 or 2 cores) regularly. And the my Chromebase (entre level Pentium Gold and I doubled the RAM to 8GB) doesn’t even have a fan! I don’t get it…

  2. Please can we just take Chrome OS out behind the barn and put it out of it’s misery? It’s just hilarious that Google thinks that their OS is at Windows level.

    1. Well… I don’t think Chrome OS is a wretched monster or anything like that… on the contrary, I like how it’s being built in front of our very eyes, I like its dynamism and its simplicity (although it’s still too crude an OS ). I just don’t think you need such powerful and expensive hardware to run it smoothly.

  3. Right now I wouldn’t consider spending that much money on a Chrome OS PC. And it’s not that I prefer Windows; I have an HP Ultrabook (which will no longer receive Windows 11) and have barely used it in all these years. I have occasionally used a chromebox connected to the TV, and bought an Acer chromebook and now a Lenovo (about €300). But right now I prefer Android tablets or smartphones for their agility, reliability and stability; something that Chrome OS lacks. I paid €800 for a Pixel 3 XL 3 years ago, but I wouldn’t pay that amount for any current Chromebook. It might be worth buying a $500 chromebook instead of $300, but I don’t think so. Finally, about the €2,000 HP Dragonfly, promptly cut in half, I suspect it’s what marketing and advertising experts call a “low ball”: It even looks pretty cheap now, doesn’t it?

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