Join me on This Week in Google, today at 4:00pm ET

It’s not often I get to do live guest spots online but today is one of those days. Today around 4pm ET, I’ll be sharing news and commentary from an About Chromebooks perspective on This Week in Google (TWiG). The live show before TWiG sometimes runs a bit long so we might not start right on time. And yes, I sometimes let my dog Norm join me. No promises today: His agent hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

I thoroughly enjoy opportunities like this because it offers me a chance to share the Chrome OS point of view to a larger and more mainstream audience.

And while the show is called “This Week in Google”, the hosts often divert into news and analysis on other companies or topics. When I get an invite to the show, I admit it: I do try and load up the show notes with as much Google-y and Chromebook bits as I can. 😉

The livestream is embedded here, which will of course broadcast other content before TWiG goes live today. I’m simply embedding it here for anyone who has a bookmark to About Chromebooks and wants to catch some or all of the episode later today.

Oh and if you do watch, don’t hesitate to jump into the live chat session – I try to keep an eye on the conversations there to answer questions or raise additional Chromebook topics!

One thought on “Join me on This Week in Google, today at 4:00pm ET

  • March 27, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    4pm ET? Oh, you mean the United States.? Australia, which has a huge Chromebook population in schools, also has Eastern Time during our colder months.


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