Sorry GSuite users: No Project Crostini until at least September

Got a GSuite account tied to a Chrome OS device and want to run Linux apps through the Project Crostini containers? Even if you have a supported device on the Dev Channel (such as the Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Plus), you’re out of luck for a little while yet.

The main reason is that GSuite accounts are often attached to managed devices in business. And Google simply hasn’t yet added the ability for enterprises or SMBs to control access to the Linux apps setting. That’s based on a email one of our readers received from Google when asking how to enable Linux access on his Pixelbook:

You can’t do that on a managed Enterprise and enrolled device at this point.  We’re blocking it until the admin panel controls come out.
ETA is September.

That makes sense, even if it’s frustrating news. Google touts the simple manageability of Chrome OS devices in the enterprise and it’s not about to sacrifice that by supporting Linux apps for GSuite accounts if IT Admins can’t yet control the function. It’s surely a bummer for GSuite users that don’t have managed devices, but again, it makes sense from a manageability standpoint to Google’s business customers.

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