Dual-booting into Microsoft Windows on a Chromebook looks to be ready soon

Recent internal testing of Microsoft Windows dual booting on the Pixelbook suggests Project Campfire is nearing the home stretch. Is Windows on a Chromebook something you might want? Don’t worry: Like Android and Linux, it’s optional for Chrome OS.

Will the Pixel Slate, aka: Nocturne, dual boot into Windows 10 or Linux?

There’s a code commit from July suggesting that Nocturne could dual boot into Windows or Linux. However, it’s not likely to happen in the near future: All of the Project Campfire efforts are targeted at the Pixelbook for now.

Project Campfire icons and details: Alt-OS is now Dual-Boot on Chromebooks for Windows and Linux

Goodbye Alt-OS and hello Dual Boot: That’s the new name for Project Campfire to run different operating systems on a Chromebook. Here’s a peek at how all of this will look and work.

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