Reader question: Which Pixel Slate would be comparable to the Samsung Chromebook Plus?

Internally, the $499 Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 and base Google Pixel Slate at $599 are generally the same so performance should be comparable. You’ll have to decide if you want to pay a premium for a true tablet.

Why is the Android version of Microsoft Excel not compatible with Chromebooks? (Updated)

The Android version of Excel can’t be installed on a range of Chromebook models, including my Pixelbook. This situation has been going on for nine months, which is nearly nine months too long.

So you have Project Crostini on your Chromebook: What are good Linux apps to install?

Now that Project Crostini is quickly spreading to many Chromebooks: What Linux apps should you install? It depends on what you want to do, of course, so here are two resources that provide Linux “equivalents” of Windows apps.

Reader question: “Is the Chromebase form factor on the verge of extinction?”

A new generation of Chromeboxes has recently breathed new life into the Chrome OS mini desktop form factor but a similar upgrading has not taken place for the all-in-one Chromebase form factor. Here’s why.

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