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HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook specs of $1,149 model appear, sans haptic trackpad (Updated)

Update: An HP representative reached out to me with some clarifications on the Elite Dragonfly Chromebook. First, there is no ”consumer” model, per se, meaning that all models will have a haptic trackpad, which is very good news. The higher-priced HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook Enterprise includes a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license, as I noted, and other enterprise-focused items such as a longer warranty. I mentioned that HP listed the Intel CPU for the base model as supporting Iris Xe graphics, which Intel’s web site contradicts. I will update this post again if/when I hear back from HP on that. Additionally, my contact is verifying the shipment dates of this device. The original post (which some corrections) follows as I do not hide my inadvertent errors.

For the better part of a month, pricing and specs of HP’s newest enterprise Chromebook have appeared online. It wasn’t until last week that we learned the consumer version would be much cheaper at a $1,149 starting cost. A new product page for the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook consumer version verifies that price. And it provides the full HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook specs of the $1,149 model. A few of them might surprise you.

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook Front Left

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook consumer specs may differ from the enterprise

Before getting into the HP Elite Dragonfly specs, I want to note that the product page has been live for a few days. I waited to post the information because at least one item seems incorrect to me.

And another item – a key feature, in fact – isn’t mentioned at all. I figured any errors or omissions might be found and corrected by now. In the table, I’ll place an asterisk near some items that I question. After the table, I’ll explain why.

With that said, here are the full specs of the $1,149 HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook, per the product page:

CPUSix-core (eight-threads) Intel Core i3-1215U CPU (3.3 GHz E-cores / 4.4 GHz P-Cores)
GPUIntel Irix Xe *
Display13.5″, WUXGA+ (1920 x 1280 resolution), IPS, BrightView, 400 nits, 72% NTSC
Memory8 GB LPDDR4-4266 MHz memory
Storage128 GB SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe
Connectivity802.11ax (2×2) WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
InputBacklit, textured keyboard, trackpad *
5 MP webcam *, dual-array microphone, fingerprint sensor
Ports2 USB Type-C 4.0 / Thunderbolt ports, supporting power delivery, data, external monitor support, 1 USB Type-A SuperSpeed port, 1 HDMI, microSD card reader,
headphone/microphone combo jack
Battery4-cell, 50 WHr capacity
Weight2.8 pounds
SoftwareChrome OS automatic updates through June 2030

OK, that seems just like the enterprise version of this Chromebook. And it’s around $1,000 less than the MSRP of that model.

However, I want to address the three hardware features that I placed an asterisk on.

Are there Iris Xe graphics and a haptic trackpad?

The first is the GPU, which HP says uses the Iris Xe chipset. That sounds great on paper. However, on the Intel product page for that processor, the company notes Intel UHD graphics are supported at 1.1 GHz. Is it possible, that this is some customized Core i3-1215U chip inside the Elite Dragonfly Chromebook? Possible, yes. Likely, no.

It’s worth noting that Intel has two slightly different models of this chipset. Both of them indicate Intel UHD graphics, however.

The second item I marked up in the specs is the trackpad. If you recall when HP announced this device, it claimed it was the world’s first Chromebook with a haptic trackpad. And it is. But there’s no mention of the trackpad (haptic or otherwise) on the official product page.

HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook keyboard

Obviously, it has a trackpad. Does it have a haptic trackpad at this price? As of now, it appears the answer is no. That would be a disappointment if true. Yes, all configurations of this device have the haptic trackpad, per HP communications after this post was published.

Although not mentioned in the spec sheet, a 5 MP webcam is noted on the product page. I don’t see HP’s privacy shutter specified anywhere on the page though. I’m hoping that’s an oversight as I really like that solution on the HP Chromebase 21.5 I recently reviewed.

There’s time before you can order

Since the product page currently shows the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook consumer model as “out of stock”, there’s still time for the specifications to change.

And, even if they don’t, some or all of the features in question could be made available as upgrades. We don’t yet know the cost of those or of the different CPU configurations either. However, HP last week said to expect availability in June, which is a few short weeks away.

Ultimately, I’d like to think that the HP product page is simply missing some information. That’s my optimistic side talking. On the other hand, the pessimist, or realist, inside me says that HP had to keep costs down to hit a target price. And if that’s the case, it would explain why some enterprise model features don’t make it into the consumer version.

Updated at noon ET, May 13 with information from HP.

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  1. I built one to see and it says delivery in November, guess well all have some time before it gets offical and its ready to ship lol

  2. I did the same. Delivery is October 25. Still not sure why this is so far out. I’ll just have to see when it actually arrives.

  3. What is the difference between the 5B963AV and the 5B964AV, besides the $242?

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