Chrome OS 81 may get updated Alt+Tab improvement for Virtual Desks on Chromebooks

Since Virtual Desks arrived on Chromebooks in Chrome OS 78, the Alt-Tab shortcut has moved between active apps on all desks. A new change, intended for Chrome OS 81, brings the option to use Alt-Tab on a single virtual desk workspace.

Using a mouse? Here’s how to disable the trackpad on your Chromebook

Using a mouse with your Chromebook or Chrome tablet? You might accidentally graze that trackpad when typing. Here’s how to disable the trackpad so that doesn’t happen.

Chrome OS 76 adds keyboard shortcuts to virtual desks on Chromebooks

Although virtual desk workspaces are coming to Chromebooks in Chrome OS 76, there’s one missing feature: Keyboard shortcuts. It’s not missing any longer: Here are the just added key combos to move between apps and workspaces.

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