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Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets LTE through Verizon for $599

We knew it was coming and today’s the day: The Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 with LTE is official. There are no changes from the Wi-Fi version, which costs $499, other than the addition of a Cat. 9 LTE radio for up to 450Mbps downloads, which adds $100 to the device cost. Monthly service is, of course, an additional charge for mobile broadband connectivity.

Some folks may not be happy about the $100 charge for an LTE radio. Sadly, that’s pretty much standard: Adding LTE to a laptop or tablet typically adds $100 to $130, so at least this is on the low end of the spectrum.

In case you forgot what you get in the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2, here’s a quick spec rundown:

A 1.5GHz Intel Celeron 3965Y processor, 4GB of memory, a 12.2-inch 1920 x 1080 touch resolution panel with 300 nits and digital stylus support, front and back cameras, microSD card slot, two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type A. The Chromebook supports Android apps from the Google Play Store and is also on the list of supported devices for Project Crostini, so you can run Linux apps as well.

Although not the most powerful device, the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 is quite capable with a mid-range price. I wish Samsung hadn’t made the second version with a lower resolution display than the first iteration but it still has a full HD screen. The addition of an LTE radio makes it even more capable since you can stay connected without tethering your phone or searching for Wi-Fi.

Samsung says the new Chromebook Plus v2 will be sold directly from its own store and will also be available from both Best Buy and Verizon starting on November 2.

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Kevin C. Tofel

11 thoughts on “Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets LTE through Verizon for $599

  1. “There are no changes from the Wi-Fi version, which costs $199” You might have a typo there.

  2. Has there been any updates on getting Crostini going on earlier Samsungs? My Samsung Chromebook Pro is still waiting it seems.

  3. To bad people love to post fake news on every website that is open for replies, responses, and comments. Just so I can clear up the incorrect information posted. Verizon’s LTE Samsung Chromebook plus comes UNLOCKED just like ALL of the tablets, iPad’s, and computers, they sell. SAME GOES FOR MOST CARRIERS. they are locking down their phones! not data connected devices that fits the category i just mentioned. As far as other data connected devices like car connect, Jetpacks, Samsung gear, or Apple watches I’m not sure whether or not those are unlocked. I am just posting from my experience. I own a Chromebook, PixelBook, SamsungNotebook, and an Ipad 9.7. All purchased from Verizon in the past 4 months. All work with Tmobile and At&T. I needed LTE capable equipment they all came unlocked no calls to customer care needed .

    1. So, without the arm waving, are you saying that the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 does allow for any carrier’s SIM card to be used?

      I haven’t bought a locked phone in so long, I don’t know why others still do…


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