Some Chromebook cameras not working after a recent Chrome OS update (Updated)

Has your Chromebook camera stopped working after a recent Chrome OS update? You’re not alone and Google expects a software fix later this week.

Chrome OS Bluetooth Fast Pair, Android chat app streaming from Phone Hub coming to Chromebooks

For CES 2022, Google announced several handy features coming to Chromebooks. Chrome OS Bluetooth Fast Pair is on the way and you’ll be able to use Android chat apps without installing them on your Chromebook.

Chrome OS 74 arrives for enterprises; here’s what it brings

Chrome OS 74 arrives for enterprises, bringing several new features such as native PDF annotation, external camera support and top-level files & folders to Chromebooks.

Don’t expect to record audio or have Skype video chats using Linux for Chromebooks any time soon

Sound support is still in the works for Linux apps on Chromebooks, but the first function will simply be that: Sound playback. Audio recording is slated to follow and camera access — needed for Skype video — isn’t even on the roadmap yet.

Chrome OS Camera may get auto-focus, auto-exposure features for tablets, detachables

Unit testing is underway for Camera features on Chrome OS and code shows that devices will be getting automatic focus, exposure and white-balance. That’s good timing for the first Chrome tablets launching later this month.

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